2011 Kiteboarding Season Is Coming Soon!

April 2010 Sandy Hook Session

     Any day now it will be time to hit the water for me as I discussed in my last blog post.  Picking the right day to get back on the water is very important, as I will discuss in this post the actual preparation of when to go kiteboarding. In order to kiteboard you need wind no matter what the temperature of the air and water is.  In order to get an accurate forecast of the wind there are several different sources to use.  The first source I use to get wind forecasts is http://www.ikitesurf.com/, for a annual subscription of around $100, this site offers current and past wind conditions and computer / human reviewed wind forecasts worldwide, where ever they have an installed sensor.  Lucky for NJ kiteboarders there is a sensor installed right at Sandy Hook.  There are free wind weather services too such as: http://www.windguru.cz/int/http://www.noaa.gov/, and even http://www.weather.com. Although the wind reports from weather.com aren’t very detailed the general weather forecast is great.  Every kiteboarding location has a certain wind direction in which it is the safest to ride in.  In the case of Sandy Hook Northwest wind is usually the best case and wind from the southwest is the opposite. A cool website that tells you kiteboarding locations and what the best wind direction for that location is http://www.kitebeaches.com/. When kiteboarding the ideal wind direction is usually a wind that is parallel to the shore line called a side shore wind.  Off shore wind, when the wind is blowing away from the beach is avoided and very dangerous unless a power boat is spotting.  It sounds like a lot of watching and waiting for the forecast to be right but once you get the chance to hit the water everything up to that moment is forgotten and truly worth the effort it took.

March 6th, 2010 Sandy Hook Session