Getting The Sailboat Ready For The Season!

It’s almost time to drop the sailboat in the water for the season! I know standing on a 35 ft Catalina definitely isn’t the same on land compared to when its in the water, but none the less here is a great photo of me wearing one of my favorite watches by Elements Watches. Go check them out, they make excellent quality watches and donate 10% of all proceeds to great charitable causes.

Watch: Scholar 40mm Mesh – Elements Watches

About Elements Watches:

“Certainly, there are a lot of different types of watches to choose from that already exist in the marketplace.

Luxury watches are a favorite piece of business people looking to show off their status. Apple Watches and other fitness-enabled time tracking devices are favored by those who want to measure various fitness signals while receiving notifications about everything they need to know about during the day.

In either of the aforementioned situations, there’s an element of flashiness involved with choosing a watch to suit your lifestyle. You want people to notice your watch and comment on it, perhaps complimenting you on your fine taste. If you didn’t care, you could use a smartphone for any of the aforementioned tasks. Knowing all of this about people and how they wear watches, we were wondering… how can a person use their watch for good?

Enter Elements Watch Company—watches with a charity twist! Every charity watch is designed with an industrial minimalism aesthetic that looks good on you, no matter what you’re wearing. We think you’ll agree that our watch’s simple black band and black watch face suits any wearer and any situation: casual or formal.

The distinguishing factor that separates each watch? The color accent: each corresponding to a certain cause.”