Kiteboarding Grand Cayman Islands

Crystal clear flat water, waves, and wind – Grand Cayman a hidden Kiteboarding paradise. Staying on the east end of the island at Morritt’s proved to be difficult as the night life is almost all on the famous seven mile beach on the west end of the island, however for kiteboarding and a real remote feel the east end was a lot better!

I wouldn’t recommend the island for beginners since the predominate winds are relatively on shore and the bottom is pretty rocky. But if you don’t need to walk up wind, Grand Cayman has the wind in which out of my week trip in November everyday was ride-able. The island is surrounded by a reef that provides super flat water inside and head high breaking waves outside the reef.  There wasn’t a day while riding on the inside of the reef in which I didn’t pass by a sea turtle or other marine life! Super cool place highly recommend the island enjoy the video! Highlights other than Kiteboarding crystal clear waters include Star Fish Point, Stingray City, Cayman Turtle Center, and Seven Mile Beach.