Kiteboarding on the snow

     With only about a month before it’s time to hit the water again, I decided to dedicate this post to snow kiteboarding.  The beauty of snow kiting is that it can happen almost anywhere there is snow instead of water!  All the gear is the same as when kiteboarding on the water the only thing that changes is the board.  Instead of using a kiteboard a snowboard is used.  The need for a chairlift to get back up the mountain is eliminated with the use of a kite.  Something I didn’t talk about in my kiteboarding basics post is the way kiteboarders travel, which is very important.  When it comes to traveling with any type of kiteboarding whether on land or water it is similar to tacting back and forth like a sail boat.  Below is a short video that better describes how kiteboarders can get back to the spot they started in (going upwind).
Unfortunately, I have never went snow kiting but with all the snow we received in New Jersey this year it inspired me to start looking for a snowboard.  And maybe by the next time I post I would have the pleasure of trying some snow kiting. Until then, below is a short video clip of some really cool snow kiting enjoy.