Kiteboarding Tricks: Riding Toeside, Back Rolls, and Front Rolls

     Now, that I have discussed basic jumping techniques a whole new world of tricks may be learned.  Before I discuss back rolls and front rolls, there is one way of riding I am going to talk about called riding Toeside.  Naturally when one starts kiteboarding they will be riding Heelside, which is when your heels hold the edge of the board.  Riding Toeside is when you reverse and have your toes holding more of the edge.  Below is a short clip of riding Toeside and how it can be initiated with a small jump.

     Next are back rolls and front rolls, both are basically in simple terms small jumps with body and board rotation.  Below are instructional videos of back rolls and front rolls.

     So that is what riding Toeside, doing Front Rolls and Back Rolls look like.  Next week I will post some videos of me doing those tricks and more stay tuned.