Missed a great day of kiteboarding!

   Today would have been a perfect day to get back on the water with the air temperature in the 50s, water in the 40s, and wind averaging twenty miles per hour!  Unfortunately for me I was unable to go kiting because the amount of work I have to get done by Wednesday that I won’t have any time for in between today and then.  Although in this blog post I am glad to announce that I was able to go snowboarding for the first time in my life on Thursday. I picked it up naturally and was able to ride intermediate difficulty slopes on the first day.  Now that I have the ability to ride a snowboard down slopes I can’t wait to advance and try snow kiting.  Until next time enjoy this video of me kiteboarding Sandy Hook last summer. 

      A little more about the video: it was my first time using a GoPro HD HERO Camera – Wearable 1080p HD Video and Still Photo Camera.  This little camera has the ability to shoot in 1080p HD! The video of me can be watched in HD on youtube if you click the on the video above and then switch the viewing mode.  I would recommend the GoPro Hero HD camera to anyone looking for an extreme sports camera.  Also In this clip at around 2:40 my main depower line snaps! Not a good thing as it is the main line in which most of the power from the kite is held.  Luckily with the bar I was using it also had a separate red line depower line that I was able to utilize and come back to the shore line and land my kite.