The ShadowBox: A Sweet New Way To Capture The Action

     In this week’s blog post I will share my discovery of a new technology that is on the market.  Called the ShadowBox, at the size of a deck of cards it is a waterproof, shockproof, gadget that allows you to attach it to anything and record data.  The data it records includes: location, speed, acceleration, jump height, jump distance, hang time, G-forces, rotation degrees, spin rates, and more! Below is demonstration video of what can be done with the device and how it can be used to record Kiteboarding sessions.  The ShadowBox allows the kiteboarder to know really how fast they were moving and how high they were jumping.  Visit the ShadowBox website here

April 21st Session!

    Here is the wind chart for April 21st, a perfect day for kiteboarding.  

(Wind averaged around 20 mph gusting to 30 mph from the Northwest, 
water temp 55 degrees, and air temps were in the 60s.)

Below is a short 15 second video clip of the day,
I am the rider with the red kite in the center jumping.

I have decided that I will now dedicate this blog to posting 
kiteboarding forecasts and sessions for Sandy Hook, NJ.
Only of course when I will be able to actually get out there and ride.