Spring Break! First Kiteboarding Session of 2011!

Riding in the flat water section at the Hook

     On Sunday March, 13th 2011, during my Spring Break Vacation, the conditions were perfect to go kiteboarding for the first time in 2011!  The first day back on the water since December felt good.  The air temperature was in the 50s, the water was in the 40s, and the wind was blowing average 25 mph gusting to 30 mph Northwest.  The direction of the wind was preferred, Northwest when riding at the Hook.  The gear I used for the whole three and a half hours I was out on the water for included my smaller kite a 2009 Best Kiteboarding Kahoona 7.5m, my smaller board a 130cm liquid force recoil, and a 5/4/3 NPX Assassin wetsuit with 5mm hyperflex gloves and booties and hood to keep me warm.  With the wind coming from the Northwest direction that allows kiters to take full advantage of an area at Sandy Hook that is completely flat due to a sand bar that sits between it.  The completely flat water while the wind is cranking allows for a faster and smoother ride where it is easier to practice new tricks.  Below and to the right are pictures from the day.

Jumping in the flat water section at the Hook

Boosting a front roll! A front roll is when your body rotates
 towards the front in the same direction your going while in the air.
Boosting air in the bay of Sandy Hook!  In this picture 
you can see how the bay can produce some swells,
 when the wind is blowing over 25 mph.

     My next post I think I will discuss more of the basic tricks in which may be performed while kiteboarding such as boosting big air, front rolls, back rolls, and more.  Stay tuned until next blog post! Until then may the weather be warm and the wind crank.