Welcome to my blog! This blog will cover the extreme sport of kiteboarding! My name is John and I will kiteboard anywhere there is wind.  I live in New Jersey so most of my riding takes place in NJ obviously, although specifically in the Sandy Hook Bay and along the Jersey Shore through ten of the twelve months of the year. The sport of kiteboarding has evolved so much since I got into the sport about six years ago.  Even though the sport has been around for more than a decade people still question it when I tell them I kiteboard.  So with this blog I would like to help increase the awareness for the sport.  Recently on Discovery HD Theater the first show ever dedicated to kiteboarding has aired.  The show is called “Catchin’ Air” and follows two professional Kiteboarders Andy Hurdman and Sean Reyngoudt around the world as they attempt to kiteboard not only popular kiteboarding destinations, but remote locations such as Alaska. Click here to view when the next episode airs on tv. Below is a trailer for the show.  Until my next post enjoy and get ready for more kiteboarding!